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This is intended to be a comprehensive list of ICT projects in the domain of agriculture, markets, and trade. This includes marketing information systems, mobile money and financial services, and agricultural extension services. It includes academic / research, commercial, and NGO / aid agency projects. The list was last checked and updated on Jan 18, 2013.

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Project TitleCountry
Building MarketsAfghanistanBuyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMSBulk SMS alerts local business to tender bidding opportunities
Malomat (Roshan)AfghanistanMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, IVRLatest pricing information for over 30 commodities
mHalawa (defunct)AfghanistanFinancialmobile bankingMake contactless mobile transactions at the point of sale, as well as purchase air time, pay bills and transfer funds to family and friends directly from their mobile phone
Oxus NetworkAfghanistanFinancialmobile bankingMFI offers loans through mobile banking platform
TAMASAfghanistanMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, radio, e-mailProvides price updates on commodities at 11 different locations. TAMAS uses mobile phones, radio, and email to deliver farm prices.
TradeNet/Roshan (defunct?)AfghanistanMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMSAccess to pricing information through SMS delivery system (defunct?)
Agricultural Market Information for Farmers (AMIS)BangladeshMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMSmarket price information
Ekhanei (was Cellbazaar)BangladeshBuyer/Seller Matchingweb, mobile phone, SMSoffers a virtual marketplace for the 20 million mobile-phone subscribers of Bangladesh's GrameenPhone Ltd. See agriculture category
e-Purjee: Digital Purjee Information ServiceBangladeshProcurementmobile phone, SMS, telecenter, softwareThe Digital Purjee Information Service via SMS ensures timely harvest, enhanced income for farmers, and ready supply of raw materials for sugar mills.
e-KrishokBangladeshAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, voice, SMSe-Krishok offers information and advisory services through mobile phones (call back and SMS) and email. All information is sourced from the government and private sectors: e-Krishok collates and disseminates this directly to farmers.
Banglalink Channel I Krishi News 3646BangladeshAgricultural Extension ServicesIVRIVR based service where agro professionals can get the latest and crucial agriculture news.
jigyasha 7676BangladeshAgricultural Extension ServicesvoiceHelpline providing advice on agriculture, vegetable and fruit farming, poultry, livestock, fisheries
krishibazaarBangladeshMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller MatchingIVRIVR based services to access market prices and allow buyers and sellers to find each other
mPower Farmer Query SystemBangladeshAgricultural Extension Servicessmartphone, SMS, web, email, mobile appusing technology to bridge the knowledge gap between agricultural researchers and farmers in the fields. Mobile app on smartphone used by an infomediary
InfoPrix Benin (defunct?)BeninMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMSSurveyors of food security monitor 64 rural markets for prices of 25 most important staple foods, offers market prices of the 25 most important staple foods via SMS (http://www.onasa.org/ does not load)
AGRUCO center (defunct?)BoliviaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSSMS platform that supports agricultural extension services and training
Brazil Inland Fisheries - Sustainable Livelihoods and Conservation (defunct)BrazilAgricultural Extension Servicesradio, video, telemetryThe project aims to create and implement a model for sustainable socio-environmental river management of the Sao Francisco River basin, use of community radio and participatory video. Fish telemetry (radio telemetry) is also an important component of the project.
Miproka (Maison d'Information et de Promotion du Karite) / SongtaabaBurkina FasoAgricultural Extension Services, Buyer/Seller Matchingtelecenter, web, radio, mobile phone, SMSimproving shea butter production and distribution with ICT, assisting women
TV KoodoBurkina FasoAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationtelevision(status: no longer running?) provides viewers of Burkina Faso's national television channel with monthly information on market prices for livestock and grain, in addition to discussing various topics with guests invited to participate in the broadcasts
Sissili Vala Kori (defunct?)Burkina FasoAgricultural Extension Servicestelecenter, digital camera, e-mailproject aims to improve communication and information between the farmers' federation FEPPASI and its members
AgroHubCameroonBuyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMS, webPlatform to connect rural farmers with markets in the city
Allo Ingenier (defunct?)CameroonAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, voiceon-call agriculture experts provide information to farmers
DatAgro (defunct?)ChileAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSSMS service providing info on weather, crops, and other topics to rural farmers
Electronic Water Market (Mercado Electronico del Agua) (defunct)ChileAgricultural Services (Other)WebWater rights trading platform designed to reduce agricultural water price speculation
ODEPA (defunct)ChileAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSm-Learning pilot study on the effectiveness of mobile learning via SMS to provide agri-training
China- 12582ChinaBuyer/Seller Matching, Agricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, voice, SMSan information service, a market place and a social network linking farmers together.
Ningxia ICT Project (defunct?)ChinaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationcall center, webprovide information on agriculture, markets, weather, financial instruments and health, voice and video training on agricultural technology and processes, facilities to upload and download information from websites
CCTV-7ChinaAgricultural Extension Servicestelevisionagricultural and military programs
CropsterColombiaCertification and Standards, Decision Supportweb, computer, softwareWe provide solutions for small and medium sized businesses in the agricultural supply chain. We help to improve information access, data transparency and to make well-informed decisions
RONGEAD SMSCote D'IvoireMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, emailweekly summaries on cashew market (see www.rongead.org)
Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON)EgyptAgricultural Extension Serviceswebto improve, through strengthened research-extension linkages, the agricultural advisory services provided to Egyptian farmers and in particular to resource poor farmers in order to increase production in food and agriculture with the goal of raising farm incomes
FieldLook EgyptEgyptDecision Support, Agricultural Extension Servicesweb, sensors, mapping softwareInformation obtained by satellites to improve yield and increase the water use efficiency, accessible through the computer. Select the type of data you want to receive, and how often you want to receive it. If desired, your extension officer will receive the same information, online.
Ethiopia Commodity ExchangeEthiopiaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, IVRSMS on deals completed on Ethiopian Commodity Exchange trading floor, subscribers send SMS to request commodity prices, the price difference from the previous day's listings, and the volume sold
LINKSEthiopiaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, GPS, email, radio, webprovides near real time market information which is available on request via SMS text message system
Market Data Dissemination Project, Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (defunct?)EthiopiaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, IVRThe platform will allow hundreds of thousands of users to access market data information simply and independently using their mobile telephones
E-commerce for nontraditional exportsGhanaMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingweb, e-commerceProvides information about buyers and sellers. ICT services will include: 1) a website service for non-traditional farmers, exporters and their customers, 2) on-line services on market and crop information 3) a database on production, export organisations and their products, and 4) the introduction of an e-commerce application supported by training.
E-commerce for womenGhanaBuyer/Seller Matchingweb, e-commercebuyers and sellers info
Eastern Corridor Agro-market Information Center (ECAMIC)GhanaMarket Price Informationemail, mobile phone, SMS, motorcyclePrice Information collected at the local district markets is combined with relevant other agriculture information. It is distributed through e-mail, by motorcycle, and to mobile phone subscribers who receive SMS alerts.
FarmerlineGhanaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, voice, SMSFarmerline is a mobile and web-based system that furnishes farmers and investors with relevant agro industry content to improve productivity and increase income. Features a voice forum that allows farmers to ask questions by calling a toll free helpline where an extension officer answers via a web interface that sends the farmer a voice SMS. Farmers can also browse through other farmers' questions and answers. Additionally automated SMS alerts to farmers.
ICT Support for Rural Agricultural LiteracyGhanaAgricultural Extension Servicestelecentre, videosmall-scale producers (the pilot starts with yam, cassava and cowpea farmers) are supported by the Women and Development (WADEP) organisation with technical information on production. They are also supported with marketing skills and opportunities, and access to timely information.
Radio AdaGhanaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationradio, InternetBroadcasts information and communication services to strengthen fishers' livelihood. Broadcasts on market prices, financial advice about how to open a bank account and how to save money, information on relevant fishing techniques, and where to fish.
Talking Books / Literacy BridgeGhanaAgricultural Extension Servicesaudio book (custom device)Provides rural, illiterate persons with a handheld device that enables users to create and listen to recordings and to copy recordings between devices for improving learning opportunities and knowledge sharing
CocoaLinkGhanaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMS, voicea mobile technology service that delivers timely farming, social and marketing information to cocoa farmers in 15 communities in western Ghana to improve incomes and livelihoods
MFarms Agribusiness SolutionsGhanaDecision Support, Procurementmobile phone, Internet, mobile app, softwareWireless mobile application that allows companies and agricultural value chain actors to collect data on direct sales, monitoring of operations, tracking stocks with the use of mobile phone on real-time basis.
T-CashHaitiFinancialmobile phone, SMS, mobile bankingMobile wallet managed by local agents and accessed through SMS capable phone
TchoTchoHaitiFinancialmobile phone, SMS, mobile bankingallows Haitians to complete basic banking functions such as cash withdrawals, deposits and transfers safely and securely through their mobile phone and does not require them to have a traditional bank account.
Voila (Comcel)HaitiFinancialmobile phone, SMS, mobile bankingAirtime Top Up, Bill Payment, Domestic Money Transfer, G2P, Salary Disbursement
FintracHondurasAgricultural Extension ServicesGPS, computer, digital camera, printer, mobile phone, portable weather stationextension field agents access location-specific agricultural information, provide immediate technical advice to farmers and track their extension activities
aAQUA (almost all questions answered)IndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesweban online multilingual, multimedia agricultural portal for disseminating information from and to rural communities. It answers farmers' queries based on the location, season, crop and other information provided by farmers.
AgriwatchIndiaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, webInternet-enabled information service that provides subscribers with agricultural market and technical information in the form of newspapers, magazines, SMS, and a website
AkashgangaIndiaProcurementdigital scale, printer, computerautomates the local milk collection process for dairy cooperative in India. A digital scale is connected to a PC that maintains local transaction records and prints payment slips
AquachoupalIndiaMarket Price Informationcomputer, web, telecenter / kioska web-based initiative of ITC's International Business Division, offers shrimp farmers in Andhra Pradesh information, products and services to enhance productivity, improve farm-gate prices and cut transaction costs.
Awaaz.DeIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, IVRa voice application for farmers featuring a forum for asking questions and browsing others' questions and responses on a range of agricultural topics
BSNL & NFLIndiaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationvoice, SMSsubscribers get a free SMS or voicemail 5 times daily with mandi prices, soil testing, farming techniques, dairy and weather forecasts in the local language of the region of the subscriber
e-KrishiIndiaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationwebprovides web-based services for facilitating and enabling farmers and other stakeholders through Agri Business Centres to interact with agricultural service providers in the private, government and non- government sectors. E-Krishi is available through the national network of Akshaya telecenters.
eChoupalIndiaMarket Price Information, Procurementtelecenter / kioskBy visiting the eChoupal village information kiosk, farmers can find out the current price of soy at various markets and then sell his harvest directly to a nearby ITC-IBD agent
ekgaonIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, camera, barcodes, SMS, IVR, weba suite of mobile tools to create financial, agricultural, and citizen-oriented applications (designed mostly as either SMS or IVR services) for an audience of primarily rural-based mobile phone owners
eSaguIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicescameras, PC-based kiosk, mobile phone, SMSExtension workers are given cameras to document problems and farming conditions. They submit image-based reports and text to agricultural experts at a central location and download advice that they then convey to farmers.
GyandootIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesweb, computers, telecenterThe Gyandoot project installed a computer network in the district, connecting 31 village centres. It made use of information and communication technology to provide online services, including land revenue-related transactions, public grievance redressal, village auction, a matrimonial site, government services and entitlements, expert consultation, a free e-mail facility on social issues, employment news and a village newspaper.
iKisanIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicescomputers, webIkisan is an agricultural portal, a one-stop information resource for farmers. Ikisan provides online, detailed content on crops, crop management techniques, fertilisers & pesticides and a host of other agriculture related material.
KRIBHCO Reliance Kisan LimitedIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, voice, sms, webprovides general information related to agriculture
IFFCO Kisan Sancha- IKSL Agri HotlineIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, voiceprovides farmers with 5 free daily voice updates on mandi prices, farming techniques, weather forecasts, rural health initiatives and fertilizer availability
IFMR Trust Pilot in KadiIndiaMarket Price Informationsensors, mobile phonespilot project to facilitate trading in castor seeds- aims to help small and marginalized farmers improve price realization for their agricultural commodities
Kerala Independent Fish Workers FederationIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesemail, telecentre, GPS, mobile phones, hand radiosprovided training to fisherfolk in the use of computer-based applications, Internet, email, GPS, fish finders, mobile phones and hand radios. It is also setting up information centres which will provide fishworkers with information on fishing and commerce obtained from various institutions
LifeLinesIndiaAgricultural Extension Serviceslandline phone, mobile phone, IVRa mobile-based advisory service for farmers
Mandi BhavIndiaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, mobile appsubscribers on the Tata Indicom network can get real-time spot market prices on 500 commodities from over 3,000 mandis across India
Mandi on MobileIndiaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, voiceprovides live updates regarding current rates and day-to-day arrivals of 108 commodities to different mandies in Uttar Pradesh
MCX (Multi-Commodity Exchange) of IndiaIndiaMarket Price Informationcomputer, printer, scanner, fax machine, webcaminfrastructure to access provided at a local post office
MobiquityIndiaFinancialmobile phone, SMS, IVRoffers a mobile commerce service delivery platform, with APIs to banking and credit card gateways. As a multi-bearer platform, it allows subscribers to use SMS, GPRS, USSD and IVR to access mobiquity and third party services, and provides operators with a choice of delivery channel.
mKrishiIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMS, IVR, weather station, cameraoffers personalized advisory services in voice or graphic modes on simple cell phones
Nano GaneshIndiaAgricultural Services (Other)mobile appA cellphone application which allows farmers in Maharashtra to remotely access their irrigation pumps
Reuters Market LightIndiaMarket Price InformationSMSprovides personalized agricultural information over mobile phones to farmers, more than 300 crops and about 1300 markets available on RML.
Warana Wired Village ProjectIndiaAgricultural Extension Services, Procurementmobile phone, SMSa remote bookkeeping system for the Warana cooperative, allowing the NGO to keep track of farmer outputs and issue pay stubs, land records, and other documents.
India AgrilineIndiaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationweb, telecenteragricultural information (techniques, weather, market prices) to help farmers make better decisions and improve productivity and income
e-ArikIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicescomputers, Internet, phone, radio, televisionA research project to experiment the application of ICTs in agricultural extension services provision and also to measure its impact on the tribal farmers has been implemented in “Yagrung” village of East Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh State.
Honey Bee NetworkIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesweb, databaseThe Honey Bee Network for dissemination and documentation of local and farmer innovation processes.
ICAAPIndiaAgricultural Extension ServiceswebDocumentation of best practices at farmer level (e-portal). The portal aims to provide comprehensive and interactive agricultural information to stakeholders for better decision making on various agricultural enterprises across the world.
Intelligent Advisory System for Farmers (IASF)IndiaDecision Support, Agricultural Extension Servicesweb, databaseAn advisory system, a hybrid system by integrating Expert System (ES) and Case-base Reasoning (CBR) for answering queries related to farming activities carried out in Northeast states of India.
AgriFoneIndiaAgricultural Extension ServicesSmartphone, mobile appAgribusiness oriented platform that provides access to agricultural information over mobile phones
Behtar ZindagiIndiaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price InformationIVR IVR mobile service supplying customer with information in agriculture and education
Fisher FriendIndiaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationmobile phone, SMSApplication that provides timely information on local fish markets, the weather, and the sea
mKisanIndiaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMS, IVR, voiceMobile based agriculture advisory service for small and medium scale farmers
MobileKisan Credit Card (mKCC)IndiaFinancialmobile bankingAllows farmers to withdraw money or buy seeds, fertilizers etc without direct cash transactions
MrittikkaIndiaAgricultural Extension ServicessoftwareSoil nutrient analysis and recommendation tool- farmers receive tailored input requirements
FasalIndiaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMSlaunched by Intuit Inc, formerly known as Project Agrinova. Uses SMS to deliver crop price information to farmers in India
8desaIndonesiaAgricultural Extension Services, Procurement, Decision Supportvoice, SMS, webBusiness social network for farmers. Peer-to-peer messaging classified by crops and regions
Banana Information LineKenyaAgricultural Extension ServicesTTSprovided farmers in Kenya with information in either English or Kiswahili, related to how to plant, grow, and harvest bananas. It ran as a pilot for several months in 2006, but has now been superseded by the NAFIS information line, launched in April of 2008, which covers a wider range of crops and livestock.
DrumNetKenyaBuyer/Seller Matching, Procurementmobile phone, SMSan ICT-powered platform that facilitated cooperation between producers, buyers, agro-dealers and banks. End-to-end process with defined roles and responsibilities for supply-chain partners. Created a standardized, predictable, rule oriented environment in which partners can engage and complete transactions.
Infonet Biovision Farmer Information PlatformKenyaAgricultural Extension Serviceswebprovides information on farming techniques
National Farmer's Information Service (NAFIS)KenyaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationmobile phone, voice, webenables farmers get critical extension information by either browsing through the Internet or calling a hotline
The Organic FarmerKenyaAgricultural Extension Servicesradio, audio, weboffers concrete guidance and practical tips to farmers on securing and increasing their harvests through simple, environmentally friendly methods
KACE MILS / Soko HewaniKenyaBuyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, voice, call center, RadioSoko Hewani, The Supermarket On Air, is an innovative Radio Programme developed by the Kenya Agricultural Commodity Exchange Limited (KACE) and accessed through the KACE Market Call Centre (MCC) to help clients to sell or buy, lease or rent agricultural and other commodities, properties and services anywhere in Kenya efficiently.
Millenium Information Centers and Community ParliamentsKenyaAgricultural Extension Services??provides general information related to agriculture
KickStartKenyaFinancialmobile bankingmobile layaway service allows small-scale farmers to make incremental payments over a mobile phone via M-PESA. Farmers work toward the purchase of KickStart irrigation pumps.
Livestock Information Network and Knowledge System (LINKS)KenyaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, email, Radioprovides near real time market information which is available on request via SMS, email, WorldSpace radio systems and on the Internet.
M-PesaKenyaFinancialmobile bankinga mobile-phone based money transfer service, allows users to deposit, withdraw, and transfer money with a mobile device
AgrilifeKenyaProcurement, Financial??a cloud-based service that provides the vital links, data, payment and settlement mechanisms between agricultural financiers, service providers, markets and farmers enabling the provision for financial services beyond credit to include savings, insurance, payment, and other innovative but relevant service products.
SokopepeKenyaBuyer/Seller Matching, Market Price Information, Financialmobile phone, SMS, email, webenables farmers to efficiently reach and exploit a fair market for their produce. At the same time, it increases efficiency in the agriculture value chain providing a platform for farmers to share information and execute electronic transactions. Most transactions on the Sokopepe platform can be completed on a basic mobile telephone handset, making it accessible to farmers in remote locations, many of whom do not own internet-linked mobile phones.
KACE MILS / Market Resource CentersKenyaBuyer/Seller Matching, Market Price Informationtelecenter, kioskInformation kiosks located in rural markets and serve as sources of KACE market information for farmers and agribusinesses, as well as providing market linkage through matching commodity offers and bids. There are 5 MRCs located in Western, Rift Valley and Eastern Provinces of Kenya.
KACE MILS / Market Price InformationKenyaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, IVR, web, emailan SMS service for market information dissemination with Safaricom and Airtel networks. One may access daily market prices of e.g maize by sending an SMS to 411 if you are a Safaricom subscriber and to 247 if you are an Airtel subscriber. The service is designed to deliver wholesale buying prices for 20 commodities in selected Kenyan markets. Also available via IVR, web, and mailing list.
iCowKenyaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSThe iCow approach was developed in Kenya for small-holder dairy farmers and helps them manage their cows to have a greater profit.
KUZA doctorKenyaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSUsing the most basic mobile phones, farmers receive critical knowledge to increase their rates of production and subsequent incomes while learning the value of local biodiversity and conservation farming. From BackPack Farms.
Ukulima.netKenyaAgricultural Extension Servicesweb, smartphone, mobile appPamoja Media's mobile web platform that allows farmers to connect and interact on topics of similar agriculture interests.
Kilimo SalamaKenyaFinancialmobile phone, mobile banking, weather stationProvides index-based drought insurance for smallholder farmers. Farmers compensated depending on the extent of the drought as measured at their weather station. Payout made through m-pesa.
AgrimanagrKenyaDecision Support, Procurement, FinancialSmartphone, server, GPS, tablet, handheld, mobile bankingTool for supply chain automation
Dairy Sacco AppKenyaFinancial, ProcurementSmartphone, mobile appStock and product management application. For small holder dairy farmer cooperatives.
Juhudi KilimoKenyaFinancialmobile banking, smartphone, mobile appProvider of financial services that helps smallholder farmers to create sustainable agri-businesses. Mobile app used by loan officers in servicing loans
MFarmKenyaMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMS, web, smartphone, mobile appwe give you up-to-date market information link farmers to buyers through our marketplace and current agri-trends.
M-KilimoKenyaAgricultural Extension Servicesvoice, call centerService providing agricultural information, advice and support to small holder farmers by phone.
Sauti ya MkulimaKenyaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone a project to provide approximately 250 000 small-holder farmers in Kenya reliable and relevant agricultural information via their mobile phones. Will also help create a farmer community within which peers can share experiences and exchange information about social gatherings, events, and job opportunities.
SMS SokoniKenyaMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMSSMS market information service for farmers in Kenya in partnership with Safaricom
SokoShambaniKenyaMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMSIt enables small-scale farmers to access markets, intelligence and sell their produce directly to market entities. This platform has two main players namely the fast-food restaurants and the small-scale potato farmers.
FarmDriveKenyaFinancialSMS, software, mobile phone, webA web based digital book keeping platform that en- ables farmers to keep track of their farming activities and provide analytics for decision making
Shamba Shape UpKenyaAgricultural Extension Servicestelevision, web, SMSAimed at East Africas rapidly growing rural audience, the make over style TV show aims to give both farmer and audience the tools they need to improve productivity and income on their farms.
AgriSMSLaosAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSAgricultural extension SMS service on agriculture and forestry information
Smallholder Development ProjectLaosMarket Price Information, Agricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSAims to improve smallholder access to domestic and international markets and to market information
Mobile PaymentsLibyaFinancialmobile bankingProvides consumers with easy, secure and convenient access to basic financial services and to NFC based proximity payments
MIS-Malawi: Agricultural Marketing and Information System for MalawiMalawiBuyer/Seller Matching, Market Price InformationSMS, Web, Radioinformation about prices, buyers and sellers
Quality & FruilemaMaliCertification and Standards, Decision Supportweb, mobile phonetools and resources needed to meet the stringent requirements (Eurepgap certification) for exporting Malian farm products. Project involves setting up an information and communication system to identify producers, to geographically determine farm plots, and to introduce products quantity and quality for purposes of analysis, understanding and decision-making support. The gathered information is accessible via a web-enabled platform and can be updated via Internet and mobile phone.
Jekafo Guelekan System for Farmers in SikassoMaliAgricultural Services (Other)computer, digital camera, digital video camera, video projector, solar panelsThe projects focuses on establishing connections between the Local Committees for Coordination of Farmers' Organisations and local sections of farmers' organisations belonging to the Committee for Coordination of Rural Dwellers (CRCR) and the AOPP in the Sikasso area.
Shea Butter and ICTMaliAgricultural Services (Other)Internet, telecenterA group of 15 women are trained in the use of computers and computers with an Internet connection are installed. Furthermore the women are trained in how to make a digital database, a website is created and advertisements are being broadcasted on radio and television
Sene Kunafoni BulonMaliAgricultural Extension Servicestelecenter, video, radioThe project aims to improve the flow of information to and from the Institute for Agricultural Research and between farmers using a combination of the Internet, video, local radio and posters.
Information Network in MandeMaliAgricultural Extension ServicesRadio, Internet, mobile phoneaims to improve services for the rural community by improving circulation of information on agricultural techniques
RadiomarcheMaliMarket InformationRadio; SMS; IVR; TTSFarmers and rural communities in the Sahel have two main sources: mobile phones and community radio. W4RA integrates local community radio and Web services, interactive voice response, and mobile phone.
MyAgroMaliAgricultural Extension Services, Financialmobile phone, SMSmyAgro helps small-scale farmers in West Africa pay on layaway for fertilizer, seed and training packages using their mobile phone, similar to how people buy talk-time for their phone in developing countries
AcopioMexicoBuyer/Seller Matching, Certification and Standards, Procurementweb, Internet, mobile phone, SMSSoftware that leverages cost-effective technologies to improve the flow of information in the coffee value chain
DigitalICSMexicoCertification and Standardsmobile app, web, audio, photomonitor smallholder coffee farmers' compliance with organic, fair trade certifications and quality requirements
BoomMexico / USAFinancialSMS, mobile bankingInternational money transfer
MeditelMoroccoMarket Price Informationmobile phone, mobile app, SMS, IVRachieving near real-time collection and reporting of market price information
mkeshMozambiqueFinancialmobile bankingAirtime Top Up, Bill Payment, Domestic Money Transfer, Merchant Payment, Salary Payment
Bank A Billion (Obopay)Multi-CountryFinancialmobile bankingprovides access to affordable financial services, including cross-border remittances, money transfer, payments, savings and credit accounts via mobile phones
CelpayMulti-CountryFinancialmobile bankingMobile money transfer, savings, insurance, pension
Farm Radio InternationalMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension ServicesRadioassists small farmers in increasing their food supplies by using established radio stations along with other local communication channels to spread agricultural information
Digital GreenMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension ServicesVideo, televisionhelps grassroots filmmakers to produce videos documenting organic farming practices, useful for demonstrating the practice to other farmers
eNAKAMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension ServicesInternet, emailan online community where participants can discuss aquaculture issues through online forums and share information about aquaculture by contributing their own content to the site's digital library
EsokoMulti-CountryMarket Price Information, Agricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMS, call centerSMS price alerts, weather info, bulk text messaging, SMS polling, agricultural advice call center, data collection, training
Friend of the SeaMulti-CountryCertification and Standardsmobile phone, SMSan SMS service which lets customers find out whether the fish they are about to buy has come from a sustainable source
Google Trader (defunct)Multi-CountryBuyer/Seller MatchingInternet, web, smartphoneHelps buyers and sellers connect, find market information
MimiboardMulti-CountryMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingwebdelivers hyper-local content (market price information, trading/selling offers, services, etc.) in the form of a traditional notice board
MISTOWA- Market Information Systems and Traders Organizations in West AfricaMulti-CountryMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMSProvided accurate and real time information on 400 rural and urban agricultural commodity markets
MoBiasharaMulti-CountryFinancialmobile phone, SMS, IVRProvides a real-time connection into a participating supplier's inventory, ordering and payment system, users find and purchase products and services through SMS, can use mMoney platforms, partners with mobile payment providers such as M-PESA and MTN
MTN Mobile MoneyMulti-CountryFinancialmobile bankingTransfer money, pay bills, top up on airtime and shop from their mobile phones
Nokia Life ToolsMulti-CountryMarket Price Information, Agricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSUsers who subscribe to the service have access to information in local languages on market prices (up to 3 crops in 1-3 nearby markets per subscription), daily weather forecasts, and news & advice (including agronomy advice for select crops, best practices, location-based agriculture news, hyper-localized advice, and other information). All content is managed by a team of agricultural advisors and is sent to subscribers via SMS.
OrangeMulti-CountryFinancialSMS, mobile bankingAirtime Top Up, Bank Transfer, Bill Payment, Domestic Money Transfer, Linked MFI, SACCO, Bank Account
Question and Answer ServiceMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSBulk SMS sent to farmers to encourage best farming practices
Regional Agricultural Trade Information Network (RATIN)Multi-CountryMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, websupply traders with improved early warning marketing and trade information
RESIMAO/WAMIS-NETMulti-CountryMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMSSubscriber receives SMS with latest agricultural commodity prices from regional markets in West Africa, service is free of charge and available for the citizens of the Member States of the WAMISnet.
SIMM-Sustainable Impact Mobile MicrofinanceMulti-CountryBuyer/Seller Matching, Market Price Information, Financialmobile phone, SMS, MMS, webconntects African micro-entrepreneurs to African buyers/consumers and potential lenders/investors through a mobile phone-based marketplace with an interface similar to Ebay, also provides latest market info, prices and expert business tips
Sustainable Fisheries Livelihoods Programme (SFLP)Multi-CountryAgricultural Services (Other)GPS, radioICTs used for the monitoring, control and surveillance of artisanal fishing areas, fishermen use hand-held GPS receivers to calculate the exact location of poachers, and send the information to the nearest coastguard station, which then dispatches a patrol boat to intercept the intruder.
Trade at HandMulti-CountryMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMSProduct prices on international markets in real time
Farmer Voice RadioMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension ServicesRadio, mobile phonesan alternative to the conventional system of agricultural extension and education, which does not reach the majority of small farmers due to resource and capacity constraints. The FVR model links existing agricultural extension officers to a radio-based system, supplemented by cell phones, that captures near-ideal agriculture extension support to a few farmers, and scales it to the nation.
Toto AgricultureMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, MMS, video, radio, webpart of a larger project that is distributing (via SMS, MMS, video, and radio) agricultural tips, health tips, weather reports, and related information to rural areas, especially to persons at the very bottom of the income pyramid
We Farm / CafeDirect Producers' Foundation (CPF)Multi-CountryAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSInternational Farmer-to-Farmer knowledge sharing (mobile platform) The Cafedirect Producers' Foundation (CPF) has been established to represent and support smallholder tea, coffee and cocoa farmers and their organizations located across East Africa, Latin America and Asia.
CroplifeMulti-CountryCertification and Standardsmobile phone, SMSCropLife is testing a system in Uganda to validate that agro-inputs are genuine (not fakes) through use of a mobile authentication service (MAS). Products will be stuck with a scratch panel bearing a 12 digit code. Farmers will be sensitized on authenticating the product before they take it. They will scratch and send the code via SMS and receive confirmation whether the product is fake or genuine.
Freedom FoneMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, IVR, voice, softwareA platform for two-way information sharing with farmers. Free software that creates interactive, voice-based communication services for organisations or bodies seeking to engage with communities across mobile networks. Uses voice menus to share information with any target audience, SMS polls to organize opinion surveys and callers can also leave voice and text messages on the service.
ICTforAg.org: A toolkit for practitionersMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension ServiceswebA toolkit for practitioners: Integrating Low-Cost video into agricultural development projects
ProlinnovaMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension Servicesweb, Google GroupThe focus is on recognizing the dynamics of indigenous knowledge (IK) and enhancing capacities of farmers (including forest dwellers, pastoralists and fisherfolk) to adjust to change, to develop their own site-appropriate systems and institutions of resource management so as to gain food security, sustain their livelihoods and safeguard the environment.
Applied Data Logix and Octagon Data Systems Ltd Multi-CountryProcurementweb, digital scale, softwareThese two partners have developed applications that use digital scales to collect data on farmers yields at tea and dairy community aggregation centers in Kenya. Agricultural product is weighed on a digital scale, and then data uploaded to a central repository. The data is aggregated each month and the farmers are paid according to the records.
TECAMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension ServiceswebTechnologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers (TECA): a platform that combines a knowledge repository with a tool for discussions.
FarmerConnectMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMS, voicea cloud-based platform that enables any entity that is working directly with farmers to send specific crop schedule information via SMS based on the individual sowing date, crop variety, plot size and region of each farmer. The system automatically sends out SMS or voice messages with specific actions to take at every point in their crop cycle in accordance with India's Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
FarmbookMulti-CountryDecision Support, FinancialsoftwareThe purpose of the application is to enable field agents to help farmers plan their farm businesses more effectively and evaluate their productivity and profitability.
Radio LifelineMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension ServicesradioThe Coffee Lifeline project has broadcast over 425 radio programs to the coffee producing communities of Rwanda, while also reaching into parts of Uganda, Burundi and the DRC.
Human Network International: 3-2-1 serviceMulti-CountryAgricultural Extension ServicesIVR, SMSCallers dial the toll-free number, 3-2-1, anytime, anywhere. The messages and content within the sub-topics will vary among the countries because they are based on locally-determined needs, curated and approved by national, international and Government experts.
SourceTrace SystemsMulti-CountryCertification and Standards, Decision Support, Procurementsmartphone, server, tablet, software, GPS, mobile app, cameraAgri Business solution tracks the flow of goods from the source to the central processing facilities even in the world’s most remote areas
AquacropMulti-CountryDecision Support, Agricultural Extension ServicessoftwareAquaCrop is the FAO crop-model to simulate yield response to water of several herbaceous crops. It is designed to balance simplicity, accuracy and robustness, and is particularly suited to address conditions where water is a key limiting factor in crop production. AquaCrop is a companion tool for a wide range of users and applications including yield prediction under climate change scenarios.
Airtel MoneyNigerFinancialmobile bankingAirtime Top Up, Bank Transfer, Bill Payment, Corporate Cash Collection, Domestic Money Transfer, Merchant Payment
Zap Cash TransferNigerFinancialmobile bankingUsed to transfer cash as humanitarian assistance
Informations sur les Marches Agricoles par Cellulaire NigerMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMSSMS price request product in 4 languages (French, English, Zarma or Hausa), SMS response indicates date, product, market, and the prices for consumers and producers for 2 different measures
Systeme d'Information de Marche Agricole (SIMA)NigerMarket Price Informationweb, e-mail, SMSpaperless collection of market price information by enumerators for the department of the ministry of commerce and distribution to the public via the Internet (posted on the website and by e-mail)
Mobile Transaction TerminalNigeriaFinancialmobile bankingCombines low-cost mobile phone technologies with the capabilities of a Point of Sale terminal at a price significantly lower than a traditional Mobile POS terminal
Glo TxtcashNigeriaFinancialmobile bankingSubscribers use their mobile number to store money, transfer money to any mobile number, spend the money from their mobile money account, and buy airtime top-up
AgrovisionNigeriaAgricultural Extension ServicesSMS, mapping platformMaps of crops and soil types, planting and harvesting dates, transportation info for crops sent to farmers
Next2Nigeria and KenyAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSSMS service allowing information sharing between farmers and agricultural researchers
Agricultural Commodity Trade PlatformPakistanMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller MatchingVoice, phoneprovides trade information: prices, buyers, sellers
TelekisanPakistanMarket Price InformationIVRImmediately knows the current rates of all field products, increase in prices, availability ratio and weather forecast. Helps farmers to be prepared for any natural disaster that can harm their fields
CellmoniPapua New GuineaFinancialmobile bankingUser can deposit cash into Cellmoni account or an agent can send user a direct, secure transfer, user can withdraw cash at agent locations, buy Top Up, send Top Up, pay easiPay or send money across PNG
MpowaPapua New GuineaFinancialmobile bankingPerson-to-person, merchant payment capability
MobileSMKPapua New GuineaFinancialmobile bankingMoni Plus customers outside the capital can transfer funds over mobile phones
MiCashPapua New GuineaFinancialmobile bankingBanking services, savings accounts, fund transfer, bill pay
Fresh Produce Development AgencyPapua New GuineaMarket Price Informationmobile phonesFPDA supplies market information for 12 key crops to Digicel, which can be accessed by farmers on their Digicel mobile phones
Regional Agricultural Information SystemPapua New GuineaAgricultural Extension ServiceswebOnline sharing of research and information
Huaral Mobile Agrarian Information SystemPeruAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSMobile platform that allows smallholder farmers to ask questions/receive answers via SMS
B2BpricenowPhilippinesBuyer/Seller Matching, Market Price Informationmobile phone, weba trading portal that provides farmers with up to the minute price update on market information for agriculture, consumer manufactures, and industrial manufactures.
e-AGRIKulturaPhilippinesAgricultural Extension Servicescomputers, webproviding faster information about agricultural and farming techniques
NMRice MobilePhilippinesAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMS, IVRdesigned to help farmers increase their production and profit by allowing them to receive advice via their mobile phone on applying the right type of fertilizer in the right amount and at the optimum time, thereby reducing fertilizer waste
ICT for Improving Agriculture in RwandaRwandaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSprovides general information related to agriculture
Tigo CashRwandaFinancialmobile bankingDeposit and withdraw money, transfer cash, pay electricity and school bills
Xam Marse (Manobi)SenegalMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMSSubscribers receive free service that updates them on price of the product of choice
Senegalese Fisherman SenegalMarket Price Information, Agricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSProvide fishermen with up-to-date weather reports and market price information. Fishermen input fish stock information for marketing purposes, and log departures and estimated times of return
T2M - Time to Market (i.e. Limpopo)SenegalMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, webPrice and arrival changes of products on the market collected twice a day on a PDA application, Data is sent to Manobi MCSP and stored at a centralized database, analyzed in real time, and sent to users
Project Croissance Economique SenegalDecision Support, Certification and Standardssoftware, web, GPS, mobile appUSAID-led project for tracking farmers, production, financials
E-maalSomaliaFinancialmobile bankingAirtime Top Up, Bill Payment, Money Transfer
ZaadSomaliaFinancialmobile bankingAirtime Top Up, Bill Payment, Money Transfer
Cash TransferSomaliaFinancial, Cash Transfermobile bankingCash distributions through the hawala system and through mobile phones
Southern Africa Development Q&A ServiceSouth AfricaAgricultural Extension ServicesvoiceGeneral agriculture information
AGISSouth AfricaAgricultural Extension Servicescomputer, GISExtension agents access a geo-referenced database w/ physical, social and economic info important for decision making and agricultural planning
Mukele ProjectSouth AfricaMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller MatchingSMSprovides information about market prices, buyers and sellers
FishMSSouth AfricaCertification and StandardsSMSa text messaging-based service that provides point-of-sale information about the impact of fishing on fish stocks, enabling consumers to make informed choices about the seafood they purchase
Action Research Pilot (Tradenet)Sri LankaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, webincrease price transparency by leveraging an ongoing ICT-based intervention and thereby contribute to improved farmer livelihoods
Dialog TradeNetSri LankaMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMSinformation about prices, buyers and sellers
GGS-Govi Gnana SevaSri LankaMarket Price InformationWeb, SMS, call centercollects and disseminates agricultural prices from three wholesale markets via a variety of technologies. In addition the service is available in English as well as the two national languages of Sinhalese and Tamil.
Agricultural Research Extension NetworkTanzaniaAgricultural Extension ServiceswebGeneral agriculture information
Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDP)TanzaniaAgricultural Extension Servicesweb, mobile phone, SMSgoals include improving farmer access to relevant agricultural knowledge and technologies
CROMABU (Crops Marketing Bureau) ProjectTanzaniaMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingtelecenter, computerprovides information about prices, buyers, and sellers
Family Alliance for Development and Cooperation (FADECO)TanzaniaAgricultural Extension ServicesRadiocommunity radio that disseminates agricultural information
Research on Expectations about Agricultural Production (REAP)TanzaniaAgricultural Extension Servicesvoiceinformation about weather and pests
Vodacom TanzaniaTanzaniaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMSmarket price information
First MileTanzaniaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phones, email, webThe project encourages people in isolated rural communities to use mobile phones, e-mail and the Internet to share their local experiences and good practices, learning from one another.
Nuru InfocommTanzaniaMarket Price Informationmobile phoneApplication collects and disseminates commodity prices for farmers.
Tigo KilimoTanzaniaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMSAn SMS-based application which presents small-scale farmers in Tanzania with an unprecedented opportunity to run their operations more productively. Through this platform, it said, farmers get real-time information on weather forecast and agricultural tips.
*1677 Farmer Information SuperhighwayThailandAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMS, smartphone, mobile appFree SMS info service for market trends, commercial crops, farming techniques, news & weather. Also available for iPhone and iPad.
Apps4AfricaUgandaAgricultural Extension Services, Buyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMSInformation about techniques, weather, buyers, sellers
Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDP)UgandaAgricultural Extension Servicesweb, mobile phone, SMSgoals include improving farmer access to relevant agricultural knowledge and technologies
Question and Answer Service Voucher SystemUgandaAgricultural Extension Servicesvoice, mobile phone, SMSprovides general information related to agriculture
CELACUgandaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, webFarmers in seven rural districts use their mobiles for community mobilisation and information dissemination. Every week vital information is exchanged, which is picked up by WOUGNET (Women of Uganda Network) who translate content into local languages.
Infotrade UgandaUgandaMarket Price Informationmobile phone, SMS, web, radio, emailprovides a a platform built to integrate collection, analysis and dissemination of agricultural and other market information
Farmers Information Communication Mangement (FICOM)UgandaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price InformationVoice, SMS, Web, radioTips on growing crops are relayed from the Uganda National Farmers Federation headquarters to district level offices, and then to 24 'village phone centers', in which each farmers' group owns a mobile phone. The farmers also send and receive SMS messages with updates on market prices
Kubere Information Center (WOUGNET)UgandaAgriculturetelecenterKIC was established under the project “Enhancing Access to Agricultural Information using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)" whose primary target is rural women farmers in Apac District, with partner women groups in Gulu, Lira and Oyam Districts. This project is one of the activities under the Information Sharing and Networking Program area of Women of Uganda Network
Community Knowledge Worker (Grameen Foundation)UgandaAgricultural Extension Servicesmobile phone, SMS, smartphone, mobile appprovides a database of agricultural information: currently contains content on markets, weather forecasts, a directory of farm input dealers and farming best practices related to maize, beans, matooke, coffee and other crops as well as animals. Farmers access content either by visiting the community knowledge worker (CKW) nearest to them (who queries the database using his or her phone and our custom built application) or sending SMS-based queries directly from their phones to the MTN Uganda network.
Agrinet Uganda LimitedUgandaMarket Price Informationweb, e-mail, mobile phone, SMSThe company works with real-time markets and links value chain players to marketing information, niche markets, market development and agribusiness development services including agricultural finance, real time, customized agricultural market information on mobile phone, information boards and e-mails.
Zambia National Farmers Union, Commodity PricesZambiaMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMS, webmarket price information for farmers
Mobile Transaction ZambiaFinancialmobile bankingCashless input voucher system
Farmers' Internet CafeZambiaAgricultural Extension Services, Market Price Informationtelecenter, webfarmers are provided with general agricultural informmation as well as information about buyers and sellers
Strengthening the Agricultural Information Flow and Dissemination systemZambiaAgricultural Extension Servicesradio, webaims to improve information flow within National Agricultural Information Services (NAIS) through the use of Internet, strengthen linkages between agricultural research, extension, farmers and other stakeholders, increase the capacity of NAIS to collect, process, package, store and disseminate agricultural information and increase capacity of NAIS to publish in more accurate and appropriate formats.
LimaLinksZambiaMarket Price Information, Buyer/Seller Matchingmobile phone, SMSMobile phone point of sale (POS) and inventory control app providing horticultural market price data. The app is used by wholesale agents, allowing them to manage crop intakes from farmers along with their sales to retailers and marketeers. Through the system, traders can also send out produce volume requests to farmers within a 50 kilometer area to fulfill certain sales quota requests.
Zoona eVouchersZambiaFinancialmobile phone, SMS, webElectronic payments system for unbanked recipients using a scratch card delivery mechanism.
Eco-CashZimbabweFinancialmobile bankingBill payment, money transfer and receipt, make payments, buy airtime
OneWalletZimbabweFinancialmobile bankingPeer-to-peer money transfers, bill payment, phone top-up

Disclaimer: this list includes projects that may no longer be active. Despite our best efforts, it may contain inaccuracies. Please contact us with any corrections or additions especially if you have first hand knowledge about any of the listed projects
(email: jenna@ischool.berkeley.edu).

Contributors: a big thank you to individual and group contributors to this list! Including Prof. Jenny Aker, Prof. Tapan Parikh, Kevin Donovan, Stephane Boyera, and the e-Agriculture team at the FAO of the United Nations, and the GSMA and to all the re-tweeters who publicized this list.


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